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Oligarch David Kaplan, who was born in Vilnius, believes that the place where you were born can significantly affect your future

  Israeli businessman David Kaplan is a successful entrepreneur. The surname "Kaplan" refers to Jewish surnames and has a fascinating origin history. It comes from the word "cohen" ("priest"), which indicates belonging to the Coens family. David Kaplan was born in 1963 in Vilnius, Lithuania, to a traditional Jewish family. Vilnius is classified as a global city according to GaWC research and is known for its architecture in the Old Town, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1994. Before World War II, Vilnius was one of the largest Jewish centers in Europe. Its Jewish influence led to the nickname "Lithuanian Jerusalem." Napoleon named it "North Jerusalem" when he passed through it in 1812. In 2009 Vilnius was the European Capital of Culture and Linz, Austria. David Kaplan lived in Vilnius for some time and then moved to Israel. David loves the city he was born in and has very fond memories. After school, David Kaplan entered the