Oligarch David Kaplan, who was born in Vilnius, believes that the place where you were born can significantly affect your future

 Israeli businessman David Kaplan is a successful entrepreneur. The surname "Kaplan" refers to Jewish surnames and has a fascinating origin history. It comes from the word "cohen" ("priest"), which indicates belonging to the Coens family.

David Kaplan was born in 1963 in Vilnius, Lithuania, to a traditional Jewish family.

Vilnius is classified as a global city according to GaWC research and is known for its architecture in the Old Town, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1994.

Before World War II, Vilnius was one of the largest Jewish centers in Europe. Its Jewish influence led to the nickname "Lithuanian Jerusalem." Napoleon named it "North Jerusalem" when he passed through it in 1812. In 2009 Vilnius was the European Capital of Culture and Linz, Austria.

David Kaplan lived in Vilnius for some time and then moved to Israel. David loves the city he was born in and has very fond memories. After school, David Kaplan entered the University of Vilnius at the Faculty of Applied Mathematics with a degree in System Programmer, Game Theory, where he received a diploma. At the Vilnius University in Lithuania, David Kaplan was fond of mathematics. It is perhaps odd that there is no right or wrong answer for someone who relies so heavily on mathematical proof when answering the question "What is mathematics?" Aristotle defined mathematics as "the science of quantity." At the same time, Isidore Auguste Comte preferred to call it "the science of indirect measurement" and Benjamin Pearce "the science that draws the necessary conclusions."

How does this relate to what a systems programmer does? System programming involves the development of individual pieces of software that enable the entire system to function as a whole, writing programs for a computer. System programming includes many levels such as operating system (OS), firmware, and development environment. The answer varies depending on the philosophical position of the determinant and the branch of mathematics on which he wants to focus. And as new areas of mathematics are discovered and developed, the definition also continues to evolve, adapt and change accordingly.

David has an innate curiosity and thirst for knowledge. He asked questions, looked for answers, and generated ideas from early childhood. In addition to the punctuality and hard work that David inherited from his parents, he has a unique talent for visualizing the result of the collective work of all parts of a single mechanism. Over time, this helped him learn to find the most complex technical solutions for the implementation of the assigned design tasks, not only for the sake of the result but also for finding the correct answer. These qualities made David Kaplan a successful entrepreneur.

Mentoring is now an integral part of work culture as well as entrepreneurship, which affects you from early childhood throughout your career. Identifying strong mentors in your field is an excellent way to prepare for significant career changes. It is essential to work productively with them to achieve the set goals. Many organizations offer formal programs so that younger employees can benefit from formal mentoring with more experienced professionals in their department, company, or industry. Israeli businessman David Kaplan was fortunate enough to find a mentor who provided meaningful direction and guidance throughout his studies. A mentor can help you get answers in your area. They do this by sharing their knowledge, helping you identify opportunities in your path, and potentially opening doors for you to a new world of programming. Nearly every prominent figure in history has claimed that they had a great mentor at some point along the path to excellence. Mentoring is a valuable tool for rapid development.

It is expected that mentors will provide guidance and advice to their students and help them solve the most difficult applied mathematical problems.

For the future oligarch David Kaplan, his mentor was the rector of Vilnius University, Jonas Kubilius, who was an outstanding mathematician. Kubilius was awarded a Ph.D. degree (equivalent to a Ph.D. degree). Jonas Kubilius had his own mentor Linnik. Later in an interview, Kubilius always emphasized the high quality of the advice he received from Linnik during his studies and noted that Linnik had an excellent intuition for problems that can be difficult but can be solved with sufficient effort. In fact, in 1951 he published a joint work with Linnik, namely "On the expansion of the product of three primes into the sum of two squares."

David Kaplan was fortunate enough to find a mentor who provided meaningful direction and guidance during his time at Vilnius University. Mentoring is more than just pointing out what to do or giving advice about one difficult decision. All this was important information that he needed in order to plan his future several steps ahead, and his mentor had the experience and foresight to direct him in the right direction.

Not only that, but knowing where David Kaplan needs to go in the future and that he has someone to help him get there was very motivating. David Kaplan was very grateful to his Lithuanian teacher Jonas Kubilius, who helped him take advantage of these opportunities. He believed that he could walk the path to success!

To date, an Israeli businessman, oligarch David Kaplan has implemented dozens of significant projects, some of which are under the protection of UNESCO. A specialist in systems analysis, logic and programming, he has the highest competence in engineering technology and can intuitively recognize potentially successful solutions. Thinking outside the box helps him find answers to the questions that life poses. A successful businessman, oligarch David Kaplan loves challenging tasks and an unconventional approach to large-scale construction projects. In any case, he, like in a chess game, comes up with actions several moves ahead and in unforeseen situations can quickly react. On a subconscious level, he predicts the possible development of the problem and prepares further steps in advance. Oligarch David Kaplan is a master strategist, he brilliantly builds relationships with partners, gathers friends and like-minded people.

The resplendent businessman David Kaplan has successfully brought his ideas to life. His works were awarded with awards and certificates.

A true mentor is someone you respect for their knowledge, wisdom, honesty, and perspective, who will help guide you and your ideas from idea to implementation. A true mentor is not looking for rewards, your success is enough. You may one day use this experience to mentor someone who is in the same position as you are now. It is essential to pass on the lessons you have learned to others, as your mentor is with you. This is how you will continue to benefit and grow from this vital relationship for the rest of your life. Kaplan has now become a mentor to talented young Jewish entrepreneurs. It continues the mission of its Lithuanian rector Jonas Kubilius.


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