David Kaplan Businessman

Often businessmen are described as people with superpowers given from birth, good intuition, infallible, people who find solutions and strong management methods, however, behind the imaginary ease lies enormous work and experience. This person must be absolutely independent, workaholic and always bear personal responsibility for everything he gets involved in. He is hardworking and flexible. This person possesses versatile knowledge, confidence, persistence, passion, where he does not act recklessly but knows how to be mindful and correlate theory with practice, estimate risks and makes sharp moves. All these words describe well David Kaplan.

Besides these traits, David Kaplan just wants to see what is at the top of the business mountain and he picks up everything he got on the path while on his way up, but that is not where his determination ends. As soon as he sees it, he wants to move ahead and see more. One of the most important things about successful businessman is that he knows exactly how to talk to his employees. These are all the reasons why his business soars.

To this day David Kaplan has implemented dozens of major projects, some of them are under the protection of UNESCO. A specialist in systems analysis, logics and programming, he possesses the highest competencies in the field of engineering technology and can intuitively recognize potentially successful solutions. Thinking outside the box helps him find answers where ordinary people would not look. David Kaplan loves the toughest challenges and custom approach in large-scale construction projects.

What makes David Kaplan stand out among other businessmen? He personally gathers a team, attracts the best minds in the world and selects the required number of highclass engineers and other specialists from different countries. He is always present in person or remotely at each stage of the project inquisitively delves into every detail, reads into every line, carefully checks, tries to figure everything out personally. David Kaplan has implemented more than 70 large facilities in the field of infrastructure construction, reconstruction and oil refining. Over the course of his career, he has created over 10,000 job opportunities. Punctuality, control over the accuracy of the project implementation period and budgeting David Kaplan puts at the forefront. Kaplan manages his employees that are scattered around the world remotely; for communication and monitoring of the performance he uses unique technologies.

Brilliant knowledge of applied mathematics helped him create remote detailed control of all types of work and construction crews using a separate group of specialists and mobile video cameras, so even remotely he controls everything until the last nail on special screens in his office. However, David Kaplan personally comes to every object under construction, he puts on a protective helmet, boots and goes into the field.

The most significant projects include Oil port in Primorsk, reconstruction of the Bolshoi Theater of Russia, restoration and reconstruction of the Cathedral in Kronstadt, the Altai Compound or the secret residence of the President of the Russian Federation, the historical reconstruction of the Danilov Monastery, the construction of the Kazan Arena stadium.

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