David Kaplan and his philanthropy in Israel

David Kaplan was born in USSR in a very traditional Jewish family. We do not choose the place where we are born, but we can choose the place where we want to live. Despite the fact the David Kaplan likes Russia and has worked on numerous successful projects over there, his heart was always home - in Israel. In 1990 David Kaplan moved back to his homeland, and throughout many years shows care for his people.

David Kaplan is a successful mathematician, system programmer, scholar, engineer and strategist, besides all of that he has a big heart and has never been afraid to roll up his sleeves and help his community - he actively supports numerous charitable causes related to people of Israel and Jewish community around the world. He believes that the higher you climb, the more you have to give.

David Kaplan has been a key figure in Israeli public diplomacy. His mission was to improve relations between Israel and other countries as well as to disseminate information about the State of Israel and its actions overseas.

One of the most important acts of David Kaplan is enormous support to the Holocaust Survival Fund. Kaplan received tremendous recognition for his work, large open heart and comprehensive support of the country.

David Kaplan helped Naama Issachar’ s family. The entrepreneur also helped Jewish youth, he has invested in education of the gifted children. David Kaplan developed programs that support creativity, one of them was young photographers grant. He named the land of Israel the land of creativity.

The entrepreneur is actively involved in many social projects, for instance with Keren Hayesod, an organization active in 45 countries, he provided direct targeted assistance to the Israeli Foreign Ministry and the Embassy of the State of Israel in Moscow and London. During the second Lebanon war in 2006, thanks to David Kaplan and Keren Hayesod, 17 bomb shelters were repaired for residents of the city of Nahariya, saving the lives of thousands of people. Israeli ambassador Pinchas Avivi personally awarded David Kaplan for strong support, unquestionable generosity, honesty and nobility. Famous entrepreneur played a decisive role in strengthening Israeli diplomatic and cultural relations with the Russian Federation.

In 2017, he supported the signing of a significant agreement between the National Library of Israel and the Russian State Library on cooperation in digitizing and publishing a unique collection of Gunzburgs online. This is the second-largest collection of Hebrew literature in the world consisting of 1980 ancient manuscripts and 7225 printed books, including rare incunabula and paleotypes. 

This is just a small list of David Kaplan's support of Israel and the Jewish community. He always thought of himself as a citizen of the world but his heart belonged to Israel and he felt the need to invest into its prosperity and image in the world arena.

Read about the fact of David Kaplan's, who support Jewish Educators, click here 


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